Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Every guitar player needs a great acoustic guitar – or several – in their collection. Taylor offers a diverse line of acoustics available in an array of body shapes, styles, and wood selections. Vital to the flavor and tone of an acoustic, the often subtle differences between shape, size, and construction contribute to the creation of a unique instrument that "fits" you, with effortless playability and the rich, beautiful tone you're after.

Ordering your Taylor guitar from Kraft Music ensures the best possible online instrument purchase experience. Many in-stock Taylor guitars are carefully photographed in our studio to capture every aesthetic subtlety, guaranteeing that the guitar you see is the guitar you get. If you have a question about your Taylor, you'll have access to free product support from your very own Kraft Music Sales Advisor, a trained expert with the answers you need. We know this guitar is an investment, and we are dedicated to your satisfaction.