A Quick Look at the Yamaha PSR-I500

Yamaha's latest portable keyboard with specialized features for Indian music comes to the US market

With the exploding popularity of Indian culture around the world, in particular India's modern movies and filmi, Yamaha has chosen a great time to bring one of their portable keyboards for Indian music to the US market. Manufactured in India at a new Yamaha factory, PSR-I500 is the successor to PSR-I455 and brings even more best-in-class Indian Voices and factory Style content along with some great new features.

At the top of the new features list is Riyaz, with its own dedicated button on the control panel. Riyaz is a Hindustani term for 'music practice' that Yamaha has applied to a unique tabla/mridangam and tanpura accompaniment function on PSR-I500 that includes 30 different taals. PSR-I500 also supports portamento and sustain pedal sostenuto, functions not found on other PSR-E series models but essential for authentic Indian music performances.

PSR-I500 in live performance setting
PSR-I500 in home learning setting

New to the PSR-I line are a song recorder and a Quick Sampling function, both inherited from Yamaha PSR-E463. The song recorder lets you capture your PSR performances as 44.1 kHz 16-bit WAV audio to a connected USB drive, while Quick Sampling makes it easy to add your own sounds to the generous factory content. With support for different sample playback types including one-shots, loops and backing tracks as well as simple recording via the 1/8" aux input, it's never been easier to plug in an instrument, a computer or a mobile device and create your own Voices.

PSR-I500 comes with a great selection of built-in Indian Songs, too, which you can browse in the Song Book PDF included on our product listing. You can also import additional material as SMF (Standard MIDI Files), and any songs you add yourself will be supported by the onboard lessons function just like the factory Songs.

Rounding out the typical PSR features are built-in speakers, battery power and performance functions like transpose, split and layer. Besides being used for Quick Sampling, the 1/8" stereo aux input can also be used to pipe in and play along with music from a computer or mobile device.

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