Casio Music Space App - Musical Joy for Everyone!

With the introduction of the Casio Music Space app, Casio has combined several different aspects into one clean and easy-to-use environment. Whether you're a complete beginner, returning to playing, or someone looking for new ways to make music, you'll be able to expand your enjoyment by watching, listening, and playing through the app.

Illustration of Casio Music Space app features

There are 5 key components that comprise the Casio Music Space app:

  1. Piano Roll

    Recommended for those who want to take up playing piano, practice at home, have fun while learning or, who are not confident with reading music.

    The piano roll technology makes it easy to see which notes to play visualized in real time. You can adjust the speed, work on your left or right hand individually (and together), change keys, and more.

    The app incudes over 200 songs arranged in several formats and difficulty levels. A portion of this library is geared toward keyboard owners playing on instruments with fewer than 88 keys.

    Sophisticated technology records and grades your performance. You can even share your score with your friends, family, or instructor!

  2. Score Viewer

    Score Viewer functionality is ideal for those who want to learn how to read music, restart piano, view scores when away from the instrument, or have access to a large library of music.

    You can see and hear each song on your smart device. Zoom in and flip through pages in the PDF library and, for many models, even use your pedals (check compatibility) to turn pages and keep your hands on the keys.

  3. Music Player

    Connect your smart device and play back songs through the instrument's speakers. This feature helps you learn your favorite songs, play along with them, and practice while listening. Music stored in the cloud, protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM), or on streaming services is not supported.

  4. Live Concert Simulator

    Turn everyday playing into an extraordinary experience. The app analyzes any performance on a connected instrument or song on a smart device and automatically adds audience sounds according to the excitement of the music.

    Performance spaces include venues, nature, stadiums, performance halls, and more.

  5. Piano Remote Controller

    Use your smart device to access, modify, and control the various settings of your instrument without having to operate the piano itself. Change the sounds, effects, pedal controls, built-in songs, recorder, metronome, and more.

Casio Music Space is available now for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android formats. We invite you to watch a short tutorial video below. Lastly, be sure to visit the Casio Music Space page to check supported models, learn more, and download the latest version of this incredible, easy-to-use app that will have a fun and rewarding impact on your music making.