Celebrate International Guitar Month 2018 with Kraft Music

Whether this is your first, second, or nineteenth guitar, Kraft Music is the place to be this International Guitar Month, with great inventory, price drops, B-stock deals, rebates, and more. We've greatly expanded our guitar catalog, proudly carrying Taylor, Fender, Squier, Ibanez, Yamaha, and Takamine guitars. Kraft Music bundles are designed to include everything you need to play your best right out of the box. If you'd like to customize a bundle, contact one of our Sales Advisors and they'll set you up!


You need a solid and reliable guitar, ready to go each time inspiration strikes. Take a look at the Yamaha FG800 in our exclusive sunburst finish. This beauty doesn't break the bank and has the classic sound of a Yamaha dreadnought guitar. You also get a $25 Kraft Music Gift Card with the purchase of this model!

One of the most iconic songwriting guitars, the Fender Telecaster, is now available at Kraft Music. Legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Prince, and Merle Haggard have kept this model in the spotlight for decades as it continues to inspire a new generation.

Want to get your music on YouTube? Don't forget the Zoom Q2n to create and upload high quality videos in a flash.

Yamaha FG800 Brown Sunburst
Line 6 Variax
Electric Guitars

Every gigging guitar player needs a workhorse. Yamaha's Revstar series features rock solid guitars with personality and tone to spare, not to mention a Bigsby vibrato on some models.

Let's not forget the classic Stratocaster, now available in the affordable Squier series by Fender. Get the look and tone you want today!

Kraft Music stocks the most popular amps around to get the most out of your electric guitar. We have the timeless look and sounds of Vox and Fender, the innovative modeling of combos by Line 6 and Peavey, and much more!

Acoustic Guitars

Ibanez has a rich history of producing quality guitars. Be sure to check out their acoustic-electrics like the AW360CE. Plug it in and start strumming with the built-in preamp and tuner.

Taylor guitars are among the newest additions to the Kraft Music family. We're thrilled to offer you the best online shopping experience for these guitars, featuring professional photography that is unique to each guitar. Check them out and see every detail of these gorgeous instruments.

Jack of All Trades

Whether you are in a cover band or play at church, guitarists are asked to play in a lot of different styles, each with different sounds and tones. Problem solved! Look no further than the Taylor T5z and the Line 6 Variax. The Taylor T5z has enormous range and versatility, quickly jumping from sweet and full acoustic sounds to authoritative electric leads in an instant. No time to tune? The Line 6 Variax gives you the capability of playing in a variety of tunings and setups with just the twist of a knob.