First Impressions - Roland LX705

Roland offers three models in their Premium Upright LX Series. The LX705, positioned as the first model, provides premium features at a conservative price.

The LX705 consists of two main components. The stand portion includes two side panels, a back panel and the pedal board. The top section houses the keys, speakers and electronics. While you'll need to put this model together, don't worry because it's not complicated!

From a design standpoint, the back of the piano has a finished appearance. This is an added bonus if the piano is being used in a church or school where it may be placed on a stage and away from a wall. There are convenient cutouts in the back for times when it may need to be lifted or moved.

Front view of LX705 in a home setting
Left-front view of LX705 in a home setting

The LX705 is offered in four finishes. Light Oak, Charcoal Black and Dark Rosewood sell at the same price while the Polished Ebony costs more due to the extra labor involved with applying the luxurious polyurethane clear finish. Each model includes a matching bench.

Raising the key cover reveals an uncluttered control panel with about a dozen backlit buttons. It's easy to navigate through the features, especially in a low light environment. The cover has two positions, fully open with full access to the controls, or partially open, which hides the control panel. The latter position changes the appearance to look more like an acoustic piano.

The extra wide music rest provides ample room for your music books and tablet. It was a pleasant surprise to find two brass music clips integrated within the tray of the music rest. These will hold your pages in place, keeping your fingers on the keys and not fumbling with scores that don't want to stay open!

Closeup of LX705 showing music rest, fallboard, control panel, and keys
LX705 in a home setting with fallboard closed

With the touch of a button, you have two world-class pianos. The European and American piano models, along with the additional sounds (including electric pianos, organs and orchestral instruments), invite you to explore and play. It's easy and intuitive to navigate through the sounds and features with this piano and I didn't need to refer to the owner's manual!

While the piano sports a powerful four-speaker system, you may use headphones for private practice. Once plugged in, advanced technology enhances the sound you hear to provide a fuller, live-performance hall sound!

Bluetooth (audio in) streaming will allow you to use your tablet or phone to play along with teaching pieces from an app or just listen to your music. Roland's Piano Every Day app (iOS/Android) allows you to control the piano using your tablet's touch screen. You can access SheetMusicDirect, the world's largest online store for digital music scores. There are several fun and unique ways to interact with these songs and there are arrangements for all skill levels. The app also displays music notation for the piano's onboard songs, letting you start playing immediately.

All of these ingredients join together to give you a rewarding playing experience. Check out our "All Playing, No Talking" video below and call us today at 800-783-3368, chat, or email.