First Impressions - Yamaha Clavinova CLP-725

For almost 40 years, Yamaha has been manufacturing premium home digital pianos under their Clavinova brand. When the earliest models were received, I was working as a salesperson in a Milwaukee, WI piano store. After assembling the first one, the store owner sat down and played it. As he went through the sounds, I watched his face. I could tell that he was pleased, and I'll never forget what he said... "The piano business will never be the same!"

He was right, and we sold a surprising number of Clavinovas!

Moving forward, Yamaha led the charge and helped build and define an entirely new product category. Many of the major brands followed suit and started introducing their own digital pianos.

As the Clavinova line developed, Yamaha focused on making major improvements in touch and sound. Today, the line is well respected within the industry and there are several models available in a wide range of price points for players of all skill levels.

The Yamaha CLP-725 may be the starting point of the line, but that doesn't mean this model sacrifices quality for its lower price. The CLP-725 is an ideal choice as your first piano and equally suitable for experienced players. At the heart of the instrument are two legendary piano sounds: the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand and the Bšsendorfer Imperial. With the touch of a button, you can instantly change the personality of the CLP-725 and match the tone to the style of music you're playing. Eight added sounds are available, including Electric Piano, Strings, and others. You can even layer any two sounds together!

CLP-725 digital piano in home living room setting
Closeup of CLP-725 keyboard from right side

An acoustic piano has over 10,000 parts, with most inside the keyboard action. Yamaha painstakingly replicates the feel and touch of an acoustic piano action with their GrandTouch-S key action. Beginners will develop proper technique and experienced players will appreciate the consistency and familiar touch they've grown accustomed to with acoustic actions.

As with acoustic pianos, the CLP-725 includes the triple pedal system, offering damper (sustain), sostenuto, and soft functionality.

Planning to use headphones with your piano? With Yamaha's Binaural Sampling System, you are completely immersed in sound! You'll feel like you are sitting at a grand piano, and you'll hear the sound surrounding you. Plus, there are dual headphone jacks, allowing two people to listen.

Closeup of CLP-725 headphone jacks
Closeup of CLP-725 control buttons

With the USB connection, you can use your phone or tablet to connect to all kinds of music and teaching apps. Yamaha's Smart Pianist app should be the first one you check out!

The built-in MIDI recorder allows you to record and save two songs. There are 50 classical piano pieces in various levels of difficulty in the song menu and the piano is shipped with a correlating music book. You can mute either the right or left-hand parts, adjust the tempo, and play along.

The CLP-725 is available in three finishes Ð Matte Black, Rosewood, and Polished Ebony Ð and each includes a matching bench. Yamaha includes a 5-year warranty with in-home service.

CLP-725 matching bench
CLP-725 in home living room setting with fallboard closed

Overall, this is a wonderful piano! While it's the starting point of the Clavinova series, it offers enough features and sound quality for players of all levels. Call us today at 800-783-3368 to learn more about the CLP-725 or any other Yamaha model.


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