First Look - Yamaha Clavinova CLP-885

We're excited to announce the first model of the upgraded Yamaha Clavinova CLP-800 Series! The new CLP-885 is the flagship of the line and "digital never felt so grand!" This phrase captures the identity of the CLP Series and shows that Yamaha is continually pushing the boundaries to come as close as possible to the authentic touch and feel of their world-class acoustic grand pianos. And the CLP-885 does just that!


After we assembled the piano, we took some time to walk around and check it out. The first thing we noticed were the clean and simple lines. The side panels have been redesigned to add a slight curve from the main body coming forward. It creates a beautiful profile that is closer to that of a grand piano (though this is obviously an upright piano design). Also, take note of the front leg braces – compared to the previous generation, these have been strengthened and enlarged and add to the modern and clean lines.

As you move towards the back of the instrument, you'll notice a few things. First, there are two metal speaker grilles positioned at the top on both ends. Yamaha really thought this through. The sturdy metal grilles will retain their shape if accidentally gripped too hard while positioning the piano, but will also help with projecting sound (more on the speakers in a moment!). In addition, there is a long cloth-covered speaker grille about halfway down the back that extends the entire width of the piano.

Finally, and this is a small thing, we noticed that Yamaha has repositioned the power cord. Why does it matter? It now exits the case closer to the floor, further enhancing the clean design of the piano. This is especially welcome for those who might place the piano with its back facing an audience, such as a church or school.

Right angled view of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-885 - Matte Black in a living room setting CLP-885 from left side


Now, the speakers! As important as the piano tone is, it's the speakers that bring that sound to life, and we believe this is one of the most important improvements Yamaha has made with this new model.

The redesigned speaker system on the CLP-885 includes two amplifiers driving six speakers. Typical digital pianos have the speakers facing towards the player, with many manufacturers placing those speakers under the keybed, making those instruments sound dull or muffled. Not so with this new system – here, the speakers are placed below AND above the keybed, and those speaker grilles that were mentioned above allow for sound to come from the front and back of the instrument. Newly-added diffusers and bidirectional horns dramatically enhance the effectiveness of the speakers, improving the overall sound.

While the specs show a little less wattage for the amplifiers, the piano actually sounds louder! When we first started playing the CLP-885, our jaws dropped! The sound was full and clear no matter where we were in the room. While most uprights will be placed against a wall in a home, this diffused speaker system with grilles will be especially helpful for rooms or venues where you'll place the piano in front of an audience.

When using headphones, Yamaha's Binaural Sampling System completely immerses you in sound. You'll feel like you are sitting at a concert grand piano with the sound projecting in front of you. The CLP-885 includes dual headphone jacks, allowing two people to listen at the same time. It was a pleasant surprise to see how Yamaha redesigned the jack panel and adjusted its positioning underneath the left side of the keybed. It's much easier to plug in headphones and cables to the dual quarter-inch line out jacks.

Closeup of CLP-885 upper front speaker grille Rear of CLP-885 showing upper and lower speaker grilles


The CLP-885 features the GrandTouch action with wooden keys (white only) with counterweights. There are three sensors for each key that accurately capture every aspect of your playing style. Besides sensing pressure, they also measure the attack and release of each key. From the softest to the heaviest touch, they accurately capture every nuance of your playing style.

Yamaha's synthetic keytops feature improved materials that mimic both the microscopic texture of ebony and ivory and how the surface effectively dissipates moisture.

The CLP-885 now includes Yamaha's GP Response Damper system. The pedals have been designed to provide a better response and feel when pressed, with improved half-pedaling and assignable functions.

Front of CLP-885 at downward angle Closeup of CLP-885 control panel

Sound Engine

The sound engine is built on Yamaha's CFX Concert and the Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos. Their advanced binaural sampling technology is simply amazing! In all, there are 53 sounds that are easily located within the intuitive menu. An additional 480 XG voices are included, along with 14 drum kits.

To operate the instrument, you'll use a newly designed display panel. Yamaha has improved the visibility of the control panel by increasing the number of pixels within the display. This helps provide a clearer and more vivid interface while navigating the menus.


The CLP-885 allows you to easily record, save, and share your performances. Play along with 50 classical piano pieces (a matching music book is included), or hundreds of teaching pieces at various levels of difficulty. You can mute either right or left-hand parts and adjust the tempo as you play along. Your files can be saved to a thumb drive, then transferred to a computer where they can be posted online, emailed, edited by music software, and more.

Smart Pianist App

By connecting to a smart device and using Yamaha's Smart Pianist app, you'll have access to a variety of exceptionally convenient functions such as viewing music scores, recording your performances, and much more.

Finish Options and Warranty

The Yamaha CLP-885 is available in three finishes: Polished Ebony, Matte Black, and Polished White. Yamaha includes a 5-Year Warranty with In-Home Service.

The intent behind "digital never felt so grand" is to highlight the quality of the playing experience that the Clavinova CLP-885 offers. All of these subtle changes add up to a beautiful, solid instrument! Let one of our Sales Advisors help you with your questions at 800-783-3368.

Closeup on CLP-885 pedals Front view of CLP-885 in living room from slight right angle

See below for a comparison of the Clavinova CLP-885 with its predecessor, the CLP-785 (improvements indicated in bold).

Model CLP-785 CLP-885
Voices 53 Voices, 14 Drum/SFX Kits, 480 XG Voices 53 Voices, 14 Drum/SFX Kits, 480 XG Voices
Bluetooth / Piano App Yes: Audio Receiving and App Connectivity Yes: Audio Receiving and App Connectivity
Recorder Yes: MIDI and Audio Yes: MIDI and Audio
Action GrandTouch (wooden keys) with counterweights GrandTouch (wooden keys) with counterweights
Headphone Technology Binaural Sampling with Dual Headphone Jacks Binaural Sampling with Dual Headphone Jacks
Speakers (6.3" + 3.15" + 0.98" (dome) + transducer) × 2, Spruce Cone Speaker (6.3" with diffuser + 3.15" with diffuser + 0.98" (dome) with bidirectional Horn) × 2, Spruce Cone Speaker
Amplifier(s) (50 W + 50 W + 50 W) × 2 (45 W + 30 W + 40 W) × 2
Pedals Standard 3-Pedals GrandTouch with GP Response Damper
VRM Yes Yes - Improved
Layer Yes Yes
Split Yes Yes
Duet Mode Yes Yes
Width / Depth / Height 57 5/8" / 18 5/8" / 40 3/8" 57 3/4" / 19 7/16" / 40 1/2"
Weight 185 lbs 199 lbs
Cabinet Finishes Matte Black, Polished Ebony, Polished White Matte Black, Polished Ebony, Polished White
Matching Bench Included? Yes Yes