Fun Things to Do with Your Clavinova

More features for your CLP and CSP models

Congratulations! If youÕve just purchased a new Clavinova or are considering buying one, youÕll be pleased to see how todayÕs models do more than ever before. IÕm sure youÕll be impressed with their features, sounds, and flexibility. Below youÕll find a number of great options to get even more out of your instrument and really have some fun. We explore the manual, connecting devices, apps, and more.

I DidnÕt Know It Could Do That!
ItÕs exciting to get a new musical instrument and I know you want to get your hands on that new piano and just play. While the basic controls are easy to maneuver, there are many incredible and useful features to discover. I highly recommend taking some time with the manual to ensure you get the most out of your instrument. For your convenience, your Clavinova manual is broken down into four main sections:

  • Introduction: How to set up and start using your Clavinova.
  • Main Operations: Explains various functions useful for your practice, such as Preset Song playback and Song Recording.
  • Detailed Settings: How to make detailed settings for the ClavinovaÕs various functions. Powering on, selecting voices, lid position, transposing, setting tempo, etc.
  • Appendix: Song and sound data lists, reference material, MIDI specs and more.

Get Connected
By connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a compatible Yamaha digital instrument and using the various applications Yamaha has created, you can manage your music files more easily and take advantage of various functions. Since the connection procedures differ depending on the instrument, you will need to confirm your specific hardware configuration within your ownerÕs manual. WeÕd love to help, so please contact and request a PDF version of YamahaÕs iOS iPhone and iPad Connection Guide free of charge.

ThereÕs an App for That
Yamaha is a firm believer in helping you get more out of your instrument no matter what your experience or skill level may be! TodayÕs technology can help you maximize your musical enjoyment with fun and easy-to-use iOS apps. The new Smart Pianist app includes several features that allow you to select sounds, create layers and splits, add effects, record, and more. The app gives you a full-color interface using your iOS device and helps you get the most out of the features of your instrument.

Yamaha is planning on launching an Android version of the Smart Pianist app. Please check YamahaÕs website or contact a Sales Advisor for the status of this exciting new release. We invite you to learn more about YamahaÕs free apps by visiting this page:

Digital Songs, Sheet Music and Online Lessons
CLP ClavinovaÕs are a critically acclaimed line of digital pianos used by colleges, professional musicians, and students alike. After you've experienced the built-in features of this incredible instrument line, explore the large library of Yamaha downloadable songs for the CLP, plus, discover additional products that will help you get the most enjoyment possible out of this instrument. Please visit:

Sing to Your HeartÕs Content
The CSP 150/170 includes a dedicated microphone input jack. By connecting a microphone to the _Ó MIC INPUT jack, you can enjoy singing along with your keyboard performance or with Song playback. The instrument outputs your vocals through the built-in speakers. Connecting a microphone is especially exciting when using the Chord Tracker (CT) app. CT analyzes songs in your iTunes library and displays the chord mapping for the song. These chords can be imported in to your instrument by using the Smart Pianist app. Once imported, CT will play back the song (minus the melody) allowing you to sing your favorite songs! Kraft Music offers a wide variety of quality microphones, stands, and cables. Please contact us for guidance and weÕll set you up.

Enhancing Your Playing Experience
A great set of headphones is a must! You can master the piano silently, which great for practicing late at night or if you have paper thin walls. ItÕs also a great way enjoy YamahaÕs Stereo Optimizer built in to your Clavinova. This exciting feature augments the audio of the Clavinova to create a virtual soundscape allowing for a more natural and ambient experience while using headphones. Using a piano lamp prevents eye strain and fatigue while enhancing to overall look of your piano. Check out this beautiful silver matte LED Piano Light that can operate on batteries or with an AC adapter.

ItÕs our wish that you use these pointers to enhance your overall playing experience. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced Sales Advisors at 800-783-3368 or via email at with any questions you may have.