Gifts for Drummers

Creative and practical gift options for the drummer in your life

It’s that time of year again! We’ve assembled a number of buying and gift guides to help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. Shopping for musicians can be tricky. That’s why we’ve got the perfect list of gifts for drummers. From creative to practical, here’s a variety of gift options for you to consider:

Practical and Helpful

Kraft Music E-Gift Cards - Just like guitarists, drummers almost always need smaller accessories like drum sticks. There are a lot of sizes, weights, and styles to choose from. You can help your drummer keep playing with an Electronic Gift Card. These are also perfect for a surprise gift or for the musician who seems to have everything. You can’t go wrong with an e-gift card sent straight to the recipient’s inbox. Click here to shop.

Gibraltar Drum Part Kit - There are a lot of moving parts and hardware on drum sets. Help the drummer on your list stay prepared by getting them this inclusive and essential package. This great little kit is only $19.99. Click here to shop.

On-Stage DA100 Clamp-On Drum Stick Holder - Like guitar picks, drum sticks tend to go missing, break, and are never around when you need them. A drum stick holder will ensure that your favorite drummer always has a place to put her sticks and is ready to play every time she sits down. Click here to shop.

Gibraltar Quick Release Drum Key - Acoustic or electric, drum keys are essential. They also are extremely easy to misplace. Pick up this Quick Release drum key for fast access. Attach it to lanyard or key ring and your drummer will be in great shape.Click here to shop.

Roland RH-300V V-Drums Headphones - One of the best features of electronic drums is that they’re a lot quieter than acoustic kits. Repay the favor by getting your drummer a pair of headphones specially designed for electronic drums. Optimized to hear the lowest lows of the kick drum to the sparkling brilliance of each cymbal, the RH-300V headphones will give the player an amazingly detailed experience that will keep them practicing for hours. These high quality headphones start at $259.99. Click here to shop.

Roland SB-B10 Black Series Stick Bag - Drummers will have a variety of different sticks, mallets, and brushes. The Roland SB-B10 is a low-cost option to keep everything organized and easy to take to practice. This perfect stocking stuffer is just $19.99. Click here to shop.

Music Stands - Having a reliable music stand is absolutely vital for any musician. Not only is it necessary for songbooks and sheet music, but also tablets! Many of us musician’s utilize YouTube to look up tutorials, learn new songs, or just play along with old favorites. A portable and sturdy music stand adds a professional look to any studio and makes the entire process easier. This stand by On-Stage is a great option at just $36.95. Click here to shop.

Creative and Useful

Korg Volca Kick - Analog Kick/Bass Generator - A fun and affordable new toy for the drummer in your life, this little box is a great introduction to synthesizers. Amazing sounds, convenient controls, and a simple loop sequencer makes this an ideal gift for any creative drummer looking to try new things without spending hundreds of dollars. The Korg Volca Kick starts at $149.99. Click here to shop.

KAT Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum & Pad Module - The perfect addition to any drum kit, electronic or acoustic, the KTMP1 features over 50 tunable sounds that can be played with hands or sticks. This pad can open creative possibilities for any player. The KTMP1 starts at $119.99. Click here to shop.

Roland EC-10 EL Cajon - Here’s another great way for your drummer to branch out their playing. Recently, the Cajon has grown in popularity due to its versatility and size. Roland created the EC-10 to give this instrument even more possibilities, expanding the sounds that can be layered with the traditional cajon sound and incorporating easy-to-use electronic capabilities. The extremely popular EL Cajon is available starting at $399.99. Click here to shop.