Hammond SK Pro - A Modern Classic Organ Reimagined

Introducing Hammond SK Pro

Hammond's all-new SK Pro advances and refines the SK concept bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality.

HammondÕs SK Series set the standard for lightweight stage keyboards with just the right mix of features for any player, regardless of genre. Hammond's all-new SK Pro advances and refines the SK concept, bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality combined with logical real-time controls. Sporting four sound engines that can be used separately or in any combination, SK Pro offers hundreds of presets that include piano and ensemble, synthesizer, and organ selections. Though Hammond went to great lengths to create a professional-grade instrument that will appeal to the needs of many different players and genres, this is a Hammond organ at heart.

Rear angle image of Hammond SK Pro
Detail image of Hammond SK Pro organ section

The SK Pro offers a Hammond-worthy organ section, including their state-of-the-art ÒModeled Tone Wheel 1Ó (MTW1) sound engine pioneered by the Hammond XK-5 Organ, recognized everywhere as the standard in digital ÒtonewheelÓ sound. In addition to the great Drawbar sounds, the SK Pro also models the Italian, British, and Japanese ÒtransistorÓ combo organs which have come back into style in todayÕs music. The player can also call upon a full range of Classical Pipe Organ Voices, and, for the first time in any modern keyboard, a range of Theatre Pipe Organ Voices are now included.

The newly developed Virtual Multi-Contact function replicates the keyboard performance of a vintage Hammond Organ, allowing the player to experience the distinctive Hammond ÒfeelÓ in every detail. A built-in new-generation Digital Leslie brings deeper authenticity, including the airflow of Leslie rotors, faithfully reproducing the LeslieÕs unique tone and three-dimensional effect. A new tube modeling system provides the essential Hammond Òtube-warmth.Ó This is the Hammond organ you've always wanted, but it is also so much more.

Detail image of Hammond SK Pro Mono Synth section
Stylized image of Hammond SK Pro

Perhaps one of the more exciting features of SK Pro is the introduction of a physical-modeling Synthesizer that faithfully reproduces the sounds of classic analog synthesizers. Six different Oscillator configurations are provided, as well as controls for Filter and Amplitude, allowing the player to create sounds in real time just as on a classic analog synth. As with the other voices, the mono synth can receive effects, including overdrive and two types of comprehensive DSP multi-effects.

Detail image of Hammond SK Pro screen
Detail image of Hammond SK Pro back side connections

Rounding out SK Pro as a complete performance instrument are high-quality samples of the world's leading grand piano sounds, including a brand-new ÒSÓ sample of a legendary European Piano. Over one hundred sixty Hi-Def digital voices (upgraded in resolution from previous SK models) provide a wider variety of tonal possibilities, many of these voices new to the SK series. All Voices are chosen for real-world musical performance usefulness. All Piano/Ensemble voices can now be fully edited and saved as a Patch.