Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Find the right gift for the musician in your life

While some aspects of holiday shopping have never been easier, finding the right gift for a musician always seems to be a challenge. We love our musicians and want to support their music making, but it sure can be difficult to know what to buy. Help has arrived! On this list we have gifts for every budget and player, everything you need this holiday season at the best prices. If you have questions or need additional gift ideas, please contact our Sales Advisors at 800-783-3368 or Happy shopping!

Gifts Under $50

Tuners - Calling all guitars, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, basses, and everything in between! Clip-on tuners are lifesavers for any/all of these instruments. They also happen to be extremely easy to misplace! So even if your musician already has one, it wouldn’t hurt to have a backup. Click here to shop.

Music Stands - Having a reliable music stand is absolutely vital for any musician. Not only is it necessary for songbooks and sheet music, but also tablets! Many of us musician’s utilize YouTube to look up tutorials, learn new songs, or just play along with old favorites. A portable and sturdy music stand adds a professional look to any studio and makes the entire process easier. This stand by On-Stage is a great option at just $36.95. Click here to shop.

Stick Holder - Like guitar picks, drum sticks tend to go missing, break, and are never around when you need them. A drum stick holder will ensure that your favorite drummer always has a place to put her sticks and is ready to go every time she sits down to play. Click here to shop.

Beginner Ukulele - The ukulele is one of the most affordable and accessible instruments in the world. For a quality instrument that will keep your future ukulele star strumming, look no further than the $49.99 price tag that goes with the Makala soprano ukulele! Click here to shop.

Gifts Under $100

Pocket Operators - These little calculator-looking synthesizers pack a surprisingly large punch! The PO-12 Rhythm gets you making funky beats in no time and the PO-20 Arcade generates the sounds straight out of your childhood arcade. They literally fit in your pocket for easy travel and spontaneous creativity! Pocket Operators start at just $59! Click here to shop.

Line 6 Sonic Port Audio Interface - This little interface is a must-have for the guitar player on your list. Compatible with most iOS devices, the Sonic Port Audio Interface allows you to plug in your guitar to record, access and create the best tones, and jam wherever you go. Line 6 has blown us away by building this excellent interface for only $99.95. Click here to shop.

Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp - An extremely compact, yet feature filled amplifier, the FLY 3 is an ideal companion to a first electric guitar. With tons of tone possibilities, onboard delay, and an overdrive channel, this amp also has the possibility to be used with headphones. To jam along with your favorite songs, use the MP3/LINE IN jack to connect your MP3 player, mobile device, laptop, etc. The FLY 3 Mini Amp starts at just $64.99. Click here to shop.

Roland GO:Mixer - Creating performance videos is yet another avenue for your musician to release their music into the world. The Roland GO:Mixer is a portable device that makes it easy to record high-quality audio for music videos right on your smartphone! Click here to shop.

Piano Lamps - One of the best parts of digital pianos is having the ability to practice at any time. These elegant piano lamps allow you to see your music without turning on the lights for the entire house and match almost every decor. Give the gifts of style and ambience today! Click here to shop.

Ultimate JS-KC80 Equipment Cart - Every gigging musician could use a little help hauling their gear around. This easily adjustable cart will turn 3 or 4 trips to and from the car into one while keeping everything safe. The wheels are solid, so they will never go flat! This is one of the most helpful pieces of equipment that a musician will ever own. Click here to shop.

Go Big or Go Home (for the Holidays)

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar - The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Taylor Swift and countless others have inspired millions of people to pick up a guitar, making it the most popular instrument in the world. The Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar sets you up for success. It’s a high quality guitar that doesn’t break the bank, starting at just $199.99. And with all the books, software, and YouTube videos out there, it’s never been easier to get started! (If the player is a bit smaller, be sure to check out the FS800!)

Key Points:
  • Current model of the enormously popular and celebrated FG line
  • Available in Natural and our Kraft Music exclusive Sunburst finish
  • Affordable price point, starting at $199.99
  • Incredible sound and value
Explore our Yamaha FG800 options

Casio PX-160 Digital Piano - Starting your musical journey with the right piano is extremely important. You need something that replicate the feel of an acoustic piano, sound like a piano, and fits in your budget. Casio’s PX160 boasts an incredible value, especially when you get the furniture style stand and pedals! This piano will be around for years and years, providing a reliable instrument for your budding piano player.

Key Points:
  • Black and champagne gold color options available
  • Weighs under 25 lbs for easy transport and storage
  • Contains a MIDI song recorder for practice
  • Can easily interface with a home computer via USB
Explore our Casio Privia PX-160 options

Alesis Nitro Drum Set - You don’t need to worry about waking the neighbors when you have the Alesis Nitro kit going. Electronic drums feel and sound more like acoustic drums than ever before. They also have the added benefit of utilizing headphones to keep the noise level to a minimum. These affordable kits start at $299.99. At this price point, it’s no wonder that this has been our most popular drum set!

Key Points:
  • Compact and easy to assemble
  • Mesh drum heads for a quiet yet natural response
  • 60 built-in play-along tracks for fun practice
  • CD/MP3 aux input to play along with your own songs
Explore our Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit options

Kraft Music E-Gift Cards

Has the musician in your life been saving for a new instrument? Help their dreams come true and contribute to the fund with an Electronic Gift Card. These are also perfect for a surprise gift or for the musician who seems to have everything. You can’t go wrong with an e-gift card sent straight to the recipient’s inbox. Click here to shop.