Korg Prologue: Analog With Digital Power in All the Right Places

Korg has a formidable pedigree in the world of analog synthesizers. Beloved classics such as the MS-20 and the Mono/Poly have made an indelible mark on electronic music, leaving their distinctive sonic trace on countless recordings. Outside of the purely analog realm, Korg workstations and stage keyboards have consistently pushed the envelope in terms of design quality and workflow innovation.

The last decade has seen Korg synthesizers reach new levels of accessibility, with models like the Volca series boasting quality and features at a previously unthinkable price point. The 2015 introduction of the Minilogue is a case in point; a fully-fledged 4 voice polysynth for $500 brand-new-in-the-box simply did not exist prior to the unveiling of that silver brushed-aluminum faceplate. Meanwhile, the Kronos continues to hold court as one of the most thoroughly developed and inspiring workstation keyboards ever offered to the public.

This all sets the stage for Korg's new flagship analog synth. Available in 8-voice or 16-voice options, the Prologue brings the features and quality of a top tier analog polysynth to the market for less than $2000. Analog circuits, both classic and innovative, are wrapped up into a beautiful pro keyboard package with digital power in all the right places.

Korg Prologue
Korg Prologue

Minilogue users will immediately feel an innate familiarity with the intuitive user interface, and the synthesis toolkit of the Prologue builds upon the voice architecture of its predecessors in the -logue series. Two analog oscillators and a brand new multi-function digital oscillator (boasting multiple noise types, FM-like "Variable Phase Modulation", and space for user programmable synthesis algorithms) provide the foundation of your sound with extensive options for modulation, including sync and ring modulation.

The oscillator mix is fed into a lowpass filter offering the sharp, overtone-rich sound of a 2-pole (12 dB/oct) topology. The filter features a novel overdrive circuit for "that" sound, the analog essence that is so hard to emulate in software. A true polysynth, the Prologue contains a filter for each of its voices. Each voice is routed through an analog VCA for dynamics shaping, and the mix of the voices can be treated with two built-in effects stages, each boasting options for modulated delays and reverb. This is crucial for a polished sound right out of the box because as any Juno owner can attest, a good chorus is an analog synthesizer's best friend.

The keyboard evokes the feel of Korg's top-of-the-line workstations, and "Voice Modes" allow for different types of keyboard control, such as a lush monophonic unison or a single finger chord option. An arpeggiator creates instant compositional inspiration. The high-quality faceplate controls beg to be tweaked, and the 16 voice version offers an analog dynamics section with a dedicated VU meter to monitor the gain control.

The Prologue enters a freshly revitalized market for pro-grade polysynths below $2000, but its combination of features provides an extremely compelling option next to comparable units like the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev 2 and the Novation Peak.

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