Kraft Music Staff Favorites

Take an inside look at some gear that we love

Kraft Music is staffed almost entirely by active musicians. And of course, musicians love to get their hands on new gear. Working for a music instrument retailer, we’re fortunate to see a lot of products first hand. We truly back the brands that we choose to sell, and most of it seems to get added to our collections or wishlists. This year, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites with you. Get an inside look at some products the Kraft Music staff love and see if they might be right for you or someone on your list. Here’s a list of Kraft Music Staff Favorites:

Allen & Heath QU-24C Digital Mixer

"Every time I take my Qu-24 out on a gig I'm impressed with how great it sounds and how quick and intuitive its operation is. I can run a front-of-house mix and seven monitor mixes with compression and eq on every input, graphic eq and limiters for every output, four different effects engines including some stunning reverbs, all while running a multitrack recording to an external hard drive AND my laptop for a redundant backup. The recent addition of an AR2412 stage box to my rig has made setup even easier; the Qu-24 is an absolute pleasure to work with!" - Dave, Marketing

  • Incredible build quality
  • 24 Mono Mic/Line Inputs (TRS + XLR)
  • Easy multitrack recording direct to USB
  • Qu-You app works for iOs and Android devices for personal monitor mixes
  • Beautiful 800×480 touchscreen and 25 motor faders
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Yamaha Revstar RS620 Electric Guitar

"I've wanted to add a Les Paul to my guitar collection for many years, but haven't been able to justify the cost. I bought the Yamaha RS620 earlier this year, and I was immediately smitten. The feel, tone, and overall build quality is on par with any Les Paul I've ever played, but at a fraction of the price. I've added a very important tool to my toolbox - it's become a go-to guitar for live shows." - Jake, Sales

  • Brick Burst and Burnt Charcoal color options available
  • Includes sleek, padded gig bag from Yamaha
  • Pull/push tone pot activates the “Dry Switch”
  • Alnico pickups and wrap-around tailpiece
  • Versatile and affordable instrument to add to your arsenal
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Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones

“I upgraded to these headphones about a year ago and have been beyond impressed by their performance. These headphones have a sleek, adjustable, and sturdy design that remains comfortable even after wearing for an extended period of time. For an amazing, high-quality, 3D-like sound experience, I would recommend these for anyone who is looking to elevate their sound journey to the next level!" - Siri, Sales

  • Sound isolating ear-cups and robust construction
  • Perfect for long sessions and on the go
  • Collapsible for space-saving portability
  • Amazing clarity, accurate bass response
  • Convenient single-side cable exit
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Elektron Digitakt 8-Voice Drum Machine, Sampler & Sequencer

"I purchased the Digitakt to use as a second drum machine and quickly learned just how powerful this little box is. The included samples are excellent and the ability to record audio samples directly into it was what originally sold me, but what made it the centerpiece in my setup is it's incredible sequencer capabilities. Once you have learned the interface, you'll find just how amazingly quick you can do everything and anything!" - Alan, Marketing

  • Powerful onboard sampling capability
  • Super-crisp OLED screen plus backlit buttons
  • Pre-loaded with over 400 great electronic and acoustic sounds
  • 8 internal audio tracks and 8 dedicated MIDI tracks
  • Highly flexible sound engine
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Yamaha Genos Digital Workstation Keyboard & Yamaha Clavinova CVP-709 Digital Piano

“Until recently, I haven’t had an auto-arranger type keyboard in my setup. But one is about to make it into my home studio. I’m excited to use the Genos, or CVP-709, as the center of my studio as it plays backing tracks that I can play piano to, beat drums to, or play guitar along side. The sounds and rhythms are truly remarkable and realistic and will make it feel like I’m playing in the band. The question is, which one? I’ll let you know." - Ben Kraft, President

  • Each have over 1,000 sounds included
  • CVP-709 available in two color options and cabinet styles
  • Genos weighs just 28 pounds for easy portability
  • Intuitive controls and touch screens on both models
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Korg Volca FM - Digital FM Synthesizer

"I picked one of these up this year and have been absolutely thrilled with it. I was looking for a simple synth that would allow me to capture some of my favorite sounds while experimenting with a sequencer. It is super easy to use, sounds awesome, and is a great intro to the synth world. The entire Volca series is amazing, especially for the price." - Nathan, Marketing

  • Reproduces Yamaha DX7 sound engine
  • Easy to manipulate for quick creation and creativity
  • 16-step sequencer and arpeggiator
  • Built-in mini speaker and can operate on AA batteries
  • Powerful unit at a friendly price point
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Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Pedal

"I bought one of these to replace the reverb and time based effects on my pedalboard and the HX Effects over-delivered! I've been able to find new modulation sounds and flexibility beyond belief in my rig." - Miguel, Sales

  • Includes over 100 HX effects
  • Delivers the sound of Helix amps, cabs and effects in an ultra-compact pedal format
  • Keep your amp, simplify your pedal rig
  • Insert your favorite effects into the two effects loops
  • Ultra compact for easy travel
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Yamaha HS8S 8” Powered Studio Monitor Subwoofer

“I've had my Yamaha HS5 monitors for some time and was ready to move forward with something bigger. I decided to add the Yamaha HS8S subwoofer to my HS5s and what can I say...It's AWESOME! Should have done this some years ago for that deep, rich bass response.” - Adam, Sales

  • High-power amplifier exclusively designed for low frequencies
  • Two balanced XLR and two balanced 1/4" phone jacks for advanced connectivity
  • Smooth response and accurate signal reproduction
  • Perfectly pairs with Yamaha HS5 or HS8 monitors
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Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio Recording Package

"“The Scarlett Solo Recording Package offers the right mixture of quality and value, allowing an aspiring musician-turned-producer to make quality recordings and take full control of the creative process.“ - Will, Marketing

  • Supplies everything you need right out of the box
  • Includes a microphone, cable, headphones, and software
  • Simple, yet powerful interface
  • Plug in mic or instrument to high quality inputs
  • Compact and powered by USB for portability
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