Model Comparison: Roland HP702 vs HP704

We are often asked, "I've decided on a Roland HP series piano, but I'm just not clear on the differences. Please help!"

The HP702 and HP704 are both on our Top Sellers list, and for good reason: Roland has packed a lot of value into each of these pianos. Which one you choose will depend upon your budget, preference, and experience. We set both models next to one another, and here's what we found. Let's start with the similarities:

  1. Both pianos share the same technology that creates the piano tone (and all 324 tones built within) in addition to song recording functionality, the ability to split the keyboard, and the ability to layer tones.

  2. Both pianos have Bluetooth and can connect to the free (and highly recommended!) Roland Piano App via an iPad or other tablet.

  3. Both pianos feature the identical front panel from which you choose tones, access functions, and adjust volume, along with the same connectivity to headphones, USB, and audio inputs and outputs for further connectivity to external speakers or devices.

  4. Both pianos ship with a matching bench.

  5. Both pianos feature a sliding key cover that automatically turns the piano on when opened and off when closed.

  6. Both pianos share a similar aesthetic with a traditional appearance, three pedals, and a clean modesty panel below that makes for a tidy appearance.

  7. Finally, both pianos are covered by Roland's class-leading 10-year warranty with in-home service.
HP704 (left) and HP702 (right) side-by-side in the Kraft Music Gallery, view 1 HP704 (left) and HP702 (right) side-by-side in the Kraft Music Gallery, view 2

Now, here's how they differ:

  1. Sound – Yes, while the HP702 and HP704 do share the same sound technology (and therefore sound identical to one another if played in headphones), the HP704 has Roland's Acoustic Projection System with four speakers and more than double the power.

    This makes quite a difference. The HP704 has a richer and fuller sound, as well as being able to be louder. If you physically sit at the HP702 and play, you'll think, "This is lovely." It's when you then step over to the HP704 that you really notice the difference.

    A physical benefit of having the extra speakers is that Roland had to beef up the cabinet of the HP704. It sits nearly two inches taller and looks a little more substantial than its slightly smaller cousin.

  2. Touch – Another area where the pianos differ is in the keyboard action. Both pianos feature weighted hammer actions with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel key surfaces. But it's the HP704 that gets Roland's upgraded Wood & Plastic Hybrid action (Roland calls it the PHA-50). The HP702 has the PHA-4 standard action, which is fully plastic.

    The HP704 is a step up in its realism, as that wood adds a bit of heft and gives an advanced player a bit more control in dynamics. We are personally happy playing either keyboard, but you can rarely go wrong with a more advanced wood action.

    Those are the two main points separating the two models: the sound through speakers and the touch of the keys.

  3. Another difference is in the music desk, and how your sheet music or book will fit on the piano. The HP702 has a standard desk, which is fixed at one angle. The HP704 receives an adjustable desk (three upright/angled positions and flat), along with clever holders that can help keep a stubborn book in place.

  4. Finally, finish – both HPs are available in a variety of colors, but if your heart is set on a traditional polished ebony cabinet, the HP704 is the only one of the two to offer that choice.

    Speaking of finishes, we've noticed a large number of customers are choosing the Light Oak finish that you're seeing here. And as of this writing, Roland is the only premium manufacturer to be producing pianos in this finish. It's striking, and seems to be a deciding factor for some folks as to which model they are choosing in this price range when comparing between other brands. Of course, White, Dark Rosewood and Black are also attractive... Roland has a color for every decor.
HP704 (left) and HP702 (right) side-by-side in the Kraft Music Gallery, view 3 HP704 (left) and HP702 (right) side-by-side in the Kraft Music Gallery, view 4

Here's a quick summary charting the similarities and differences (with the differences in bold):

Model HP702 HP704
Voices 25 Presets / 324 Total 25 Presets / 324 Total
Bluetooth / Piano App Yes Yes
Recorder Yes - MIDI and Audio Yes - MIDI and Audio
Action Standard PHA-4 Wood & Plastic Hybrid PHA-50 with Ebony/Ivory Feel Keys
Headphone Technology 3D Ambience 3D Ambience
Speakers 12 cm x 2 Acoustic Projection System, 4 Speakers Total
Amplifier(s) 14 watts x 2 25 watts x 2 + 5 watts x 2
Music Desk Adjustable? No Yes w/holders
Dimensions: Width 54-1/4" 54-1/4"
Depth 18-7/16" 18-7/16"
Height 34-15/16" 36-7/8"
Weight 119 lbs 15 oz 131 lbs 3 oz (approximately 134 lbs for polished finish)
Cabinet Finishes White, Dark Rosewood, Charcoal Black, Light Oak White, Dark Rosewood, Charcoal Black, Light Oak + Polished Ebony