New Roland Piano App Now Available

Streamline your Roland piano experience with the new Roland Piano App. From easy menu navigation to advanced learning tools, this free app for your smartphone or tablet provides a range of features to simplify and enhance the Roland piano experience and take your musical education and enjoyment even further. The combination of wireless remote control with enhanced learning features and an updated interface results in an app that's simple, streamlined, and intuitive for everyone in the family to use.

App screens on tablets and phone
Tablet with Roland Piano App on piano music rest

Using your digital piano should be as easy as using your smart home devices, and now it is! This simple, intuitive app allows you to wirelessly control the functions of your Roland piano.

Deep dive into menu options like sound selection, split and dual function, and metronome selection without scrolling on your piano's display screen. Think of it as your piano's new remote control.

The Roland Piano App provides a free collection of practice tools at your fingertips. Keep time with the visual metronome. Use the recorder to capture your performances to study and track your progress. Add some fun into your routine while developing ear-training and note-reading skills with the Flash Card game. Then put your newfound knowledge to work. Display sheet music from your piano's onboard songs and expand your repertoire. Just want to jam? Explore a range of accompaniments for all skill levels.

Phone with Roland Piano App on piano music rest
Collage of various Roland Piano App screen views on phones

The Roland Piano App replaces the previous Piano Every Day app and works with select Roland home piano models that include built-in Bluetooth connectivity. In some cases, an easy-to-install system update may be required for use. Please see the Roland Piano App specifications for the latest compatibility and update information.

The current list of Roland digital pianos compatible with the Roland Piano App includes the following models: LX708, LX706, LX705, HP704, HP702, RP701, RP107, F701, F107, FP-90X, FP-60X, and FP-30X.

The Roland Piano App is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.