Nord Announces the Nord Grand

Nord's latest stage piano features advanced triple sensor technology to appeal to the most discerning pianists

For decades, Nord has been producing some of the finest stage pianos and keyboards in the world. All of their instruments are hand-built in Stockholm, Sweden and demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship. Today, Nord's announcement of the Nord Grand adds another world-class instrument to their line.

The Nord Grand is designed to be a premium instrument for the most discerning pianists. It includes a familiar panel with dedicated controls and an intuitive layout. This instrument includes a factory bank of grand pianos, upright pianos, and electric pianos, plus it provides access to the exclusive Nord Piano Library. Advanced string resonance, adjustable dynamic curves, and an included triple pedal with dynamic pedal noise add to the nuance and realism.

The Nord Grand includes a full 2 GB of available memory for the Piano section (double the memory when compared to the Nord Piano 4) and this allows users to load in their choice of pianos in a variety of sample sizes using the Nord Sound Manager. It's important to note that the Nord Piano Library is constantly being updated with exclusive samples, and these new instruments are always free to the end user.

Nord Grand Closeup Angled with Hands
Nord Grand Front on Keyboard Stand EX

The Grand's Sample Synth section is designed to support and augment the primary Piano section. This section utilizes Nord's exclusive Sample Library 3.0 and includes a broad selection of strings, orchestral sounds, synthesizers, and exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds. These samples can be used to create layers, splits, or for solo performance. With 512 MB of dedicated memory, this section is very flexible, and users can replace any or all of the factory-loaded sounds using the Nord Sound Manager. This section also features dedicated attack/decay/release controls and category buttons for quick navigation.

These sound engines provide outstanding sound quality and should be familiar to any Nord user, but the biggest improvement in the Nord Grand is the new hammer-weighted key action. For the first time, Nord has teamed up with Kawai, a manufacturer of premium acoustic and digital pianos out of Hamamatsu, Japan. The Kawai responsive hammer keybed used in the Nord Grand includes triple sensor technology that allows for faster note repetition and greater control when playing pianissimo. This graded hammer action also includes an "Ivory Touch" key surface that provides an authentic grip and feel.

All of these great features are packed into a gorgeous cabinet encased in the iconic Nord red wood with a tasteful matte finish. We've never seen quite so much Nord wood on a single instrument and it looks absolutely beautiful. To complete the look in a contemporary home or worship setting, consider adding the matching Nord wood stand. For a studio or music room, you can add the newly developed Nord Piano Monitors. These speakers are specifically voiced for the Nord Piano Library and will mount to the back of the Nord Grand with optional brackets. For live performance, you can add the optional metal stand (Nord Keyboard Stand EX) which gives the Nord Grand a look reminiscent of a vintage stage piano.

We are very excited to get our hands on the Nord Grand in the near future. Stay tuned to Kraft Music for more Nord Grand updates, photos, and exclusive videos.