Pearl Announces NEW E/MERGE KIT

Pearl and Korg collaborate for an elevated e-drums experience

As e-drum enthusiasts, we at Kraft Music always get excited when something new is announced. This year has already seen Roland release a variety of new and updated kits, in addition to the great configurations and color options you can now find on our site for the TD50KV. Alesis and Yamaha also released kits at Summer NAMM. In most years, a new kit or two is all we ever hope for. Thankfully, this year is not like most years.

Introduced back on May 2, 2018, PearlÕs e/MERGE kit is the product of an exciting collaboration with Korg that promises to create an all-new e-drumming experience. This kit appears to be a massive leap forward, combining the best of each company into a great addition to the world of e-drums.

Pearl eMERGE Kit
Pearl eMERGE Ki

e/MERGE prominently features three new elements. First, there is a whole new module for this kit. The MDL1 module has a simple design but is packed with a large library of sounds, 35 preset kits, 36 effects, 8 direct outs, and 3 accessory inputs. The second new feature is KorgÕs Wave Trigger Technology (WTT). Partially based on the popular Korg Wavedrum, WTT technology was designed to be extremely responsive, making the playing experience more authentic and seamless. It also utilizes your performance and combines it with layers of PearlÕs samples to more closely replicate acoustic sounds. Last is the new PUREtouch Electronic Pads system. One of the statements that sets the expectation very high on these new pads is that Ò...for the first time ever, your choice of stick will impact the sound of your electronic kit.Ó The head tension can be adjusted, and the pads have two separate rim triggers. For cymbals, there is an 18Ó ride (three zones), 15Ó crash (two zones), and 14Ó hi-hats (two zones). Like the rest of the pads and module, these cymbals are designed to replicate an extremely natural sound and feel by improving the choke feature and blending the edge and bow sounds, depending on where you strike the cymbal pad.

Other notables from the release are an incredibly sturdy looking kick drum tower, as well as a hybrid option using a standard 18Ó acoustic bass drum. Along those same lines, the newly designed Icon e-Rack looks to be very strong and durable.

e/MERGE debuted at Summer NAMM, although availability wonÕt be announced until the fall of 2018. We may have to wait a while for this impressive looking kit, but weÕll be sure to keep you updated. Check back for more info and be sure to contact one of our Sales Advisors at 800-783-3368 or to stay up to date on all the exciting developments.