Product Spotlight: Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid Pianos

Available online for the first time, Casio's collaboration with C. Bechstein offers a striking combination of tradition and innovation

Joining Kraft Music's growing lineup of premium home digital pianos, Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos are the product of Casio's vision to bring the piano experience to the next level by combining tradition and innovation. Developed in collaboration with renowned piano maker C. Bechstein, each model in the Grand Hybrid series offers an authentic grand piano hammer mechanism with full-length wooden keys, the sounds of three of the world's finest grand pianos, and a speaker system that simulates the sound field of an acoustic grand, all enclosed within a distinguished, elegant cabinet that is sure to complement any setting. Because of our strong, long-standing relationship, Kraft Music is proud to have been chosen by Casio as the exclusive online retailer of Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos.

The Celviano Grand Hybrid Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard employs full-length Austrian spruce keys made with the same materials and processes as those found in C. Bechstein concert grand pianos. Pressing a key raises a real hammer that follows the same vertical path it would in a grand piano with the same essential weighting and pivot points. The result is true and uncompromising piano touch that accurately captures the performer's expression.

Providing the sounds of "Berlin," "Hamburg," and "Vienna" grand pianos, Casio's AiR Grand Sound Source faithfully recreates the individual character and tone of each instrument, while Multi-Dimensional Morphing technology delivers smooth dynamic transitions. The clear, ringing Berlin Grand was developed in collaboration C. Bechstein, while the brilliant, rich, and versatile Hamburg Grand and warm-toned Vienna Grand emulate legendary pianos produced in each of those cities. The piano voices are accompanied by simulations of damper and sympathetic string resonance, mechanical sounds, lid position, and other subtle nuances for a deep sense of realism.

Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid GP-500 and GP-300
Casio Celviano Grand Hybrid Natural Grand Hammer Action

The Grand Acoustic System is an exclusive six-speaker amplification system that reproduces the three-dimensional sound field of an acoustic grand. As our hearing can detect the origin of sound in all directions, the Grand Acoustic System mimics the characteristics of sound emanating from both above and below the grand piano soundboard, providing a rich, complex sound field for both the pianist and the audience.

Though rooted in tradition, Grand Hybrid pianos also deliver the kinds of conveniences we've come to expect from digital instruments. Concert Play offers the experience of playing as a soloist with full orchestral accompaniment. Scenes allow you to select a type of piano, a Hall Simulation, a lid position setting, and any other desired effects and recall your customized settings at will. Thoughtfully designed preset Scenes combine an instrument customized to suit a specific composer's music or a musical style and a venue where that music might have been performed. Other features include audio and MIDI recording, built-in music library, layer and split, duet mode, and more.

To go along with this premium collection of digital pianos, Kraft Music is dedicated to providing the best possible Grand Hybrid shopping experience. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors are available to guide you through each step of the process Ð from research to delivery and beyond Ð with friendly, personalized service and expert recommendations. Free product support is included standard with all Grand Hybrid purchases, so you'll always have access to your Sales Advisor if you ever have questions on the features or setup of your new piano. Your Grand Hybrid order also qualifies for a free upgrade to "room of choice" delivery when shipped to an address within the 48 contiguous states.

We're currently awaiting our first shipments of Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos from Casio. Once we've received them, you can look forward to a selection of custom professional photography for each model, highlighting unique angles, lighting, and detailed closeup views you won't find anywhere else. We'll also be posting sound samples of the main piano voices, allowing you to compare the Grand Hybrid piano sounds both to each other and to other digital pianos in our catalog. In addition, our comprehensive videos will include demos that take you through the features and capabilities of the Grand Hybrid series, step-by-step assembly guides, and "All Playing, No Talking!" videos for uninterrupted performances showcasing the Grand Hybrid series' sound and dynamics in a variety of styles.