Roland Announces Portable, Affordable Fantom-0 Workstation Keyboards

In 2019, Roland established its Zen-Core Synthesis System with the release of the flagship Fantom and since then has used it to power a variety of synths and grooveboxes in various sizes and at various price points. Now they return to Fantom with the release of new Fantom-06, Fantom-07 and Fantom-08 models.

All three feature the same Fantom sound engine and offer patch compatibility with their flagship forebears while coming in at much lighter weights and at roughly half their prices. Fantom-06 and Fantom-07 have a new synth action keybed designed for portability; Fantom-08 has Roland's PHA-4 action with escapement and ivory feel, similarly designed to be lighter and previously found in the RD-88 stage piano.

Detail of Fantom-0 controls
Detail of Fantom-0 organ controls and display

While choosing a more portable keyboard workstation variant usually means sacrificing dedicated top-panel controls, Fantom-0 models buck that trend by including an array of eight sliders and eight control knobs in addition to a 4_4 pad grid, assignable switches, dedicated function knobs and a 1,280_720 backlit color touchscreen. For expression, there's a pitch bend / modulation lever as well as two assignable wheels.

These new models don't skimp on connectivity, either, with separate main and sub stereo outputs, three foot pedal inputs, USB-to-host and -to-device ports and a mic input to use for recording or with the onboard vocoder. Zen-Core also offers deep integration with Apple Logic Pro, Apple Mainstage and Ableton Live recording software.

Person playing Fantom-06 on desktop in home studio
Fantom-08 in front of recording desk in pro studio

Boasting 3,500 tones and 90 drum kits that use the Zen-Core, SuperNatural and Virtual Tonewheel Organ sound generators, these new Fantoms have no shortage of sounds on their own. They can be further enhanced and extended with a subscription to Roland Cloud (sold separately), letting you dive into a wide array of Wave Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs and more. Fantom-0 models include 15 free Wave Expansions and 10 free Sound Packs to give you a taste of what's on offer.

Fantom-06, Fantom-07 and Fantom-08 are shipping soon, and Kraft Music has a variety of value-packed bundles with the extra accessories you need. Get yours on order today!