Roland Premium Pianos: Now at Kraft Music

Kraft Music has been selling keyboards and synthesizers since 1984. In the years since, we have expanded to include a much broader range of instruments while still maintaining a specialty for those with black and white keys, and especially digital pianos. Whether it's entry-level portable pianos, professional stage pianos, or elegant and stylish home digital pianos, Kraft Music seeks to provide the best possible digital piano shopping experience for our customers. This has been acknowledged by a number of brands that have selected us as an online partner for their premium digital piano lines, the latest of which is Roland and their HP, LX, and GP series of premium digital pianos.

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Roland began designing and manufacturing electronic pianos shortly after the company was founded in 1972. Their first all-electronic piano was the EP-10, introduced in 1973. This was followed in 1974 by the EP-30, the world's first electronic piano with a touch-sensitive keyboard. The HP-300 and HP-400, released in 1983, were the first digital pianos with MIDI, allowing them to communicate with other electronic musical instruments and letting their owners explore new creative possibilities. These HP models also introduced a two-piece cabinet design consisting of a main body and stand, which was another innovation that became standard for many pianos in this category. Since then, Roland has continued to refine the sound and touch of their instruments to satisfy the stage and practice needs of world-class pianists while striving to design pianos that look as good as they sound.

The latest Roland premium piano models include the HP line of compact yet sophisticated upright pianos, the immersive, high-end LX series uprights, and the luxurious and technologically advanced GP series grand pianos.

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Roland HP series digital pianos bring style, culture, and music into the heart of your home with gorgeous piano sound, sophisticated styling, and helpful features. The responsive keyboard and powerful sound engine deliver authentic piano performance, giving you the touch, tone, and features to explore a variety of musical genres and playing styles. Connect headphones for silent practice day or night or connect to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth to play along with your favorite tunes.

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Roland LX series pianos recreate the immersive experience of playing an incredible piano in a great-sounding venue with superior sound and peerless expression, housed within refined, elegant cabinet designs that invite you to perform. The sound of the Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling engine and the responsive keyboard action are worthy of a high-end traditional instrument, and Roland's digital expertise takes the experience even further. Discover the unique atmosphere of a world-class concert hall or studio, explore the distinctive tonal qualities of European or American-style grand pianos, or connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play along with your favorite music, all relayed through the powerful Acoustic Projection multi-speaker systems or your headphones. LX series pianos are also compatible with the Roland Piano app, which combines wireless remote control with enhanced learning features and a simple, intuitive interface.

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Roland GP series digital grand pianos pay homage to the classic grand piano form with an imposing-yet-graceful design. Experience the performance of a traditional acoustic grand, whose sound has been at the heart of music for over 300 years, while also exploring the endless creative possibilities offered by the latest digital technology. Take inspiration from a rich, complex sound engine, great-feeling keyboard mechanism, multi-channel speaker system, and a variety of digital advantages such as Bluetooth connectivity. The GP series embodies Roland's belief that advanced technology and know-how can take your music further.

If you are interested in any of these fantastic pianos, we encourage you to reach out to our team and speak to one of our trained experts. They will be happy to answer any questions you have on the features and capabilities of the pianos themselves, as well as discussing delivery, product support, warranty, accessories, and more.