Strymon Joins the Kraft Music Roster

Kraft Music is proud to welcome Strymon as the newest addition to our product lineup. Based out of Southern California, Strymon has built their name as the go-to source for revolutionary, high-quality effects for guitar, bass, keys, and beyond. Strymon has earned their reputation with stunning sound quality, effortless control layouts, and sharp aesthetics. It speaks volumes that so many analog purists have been won over by their authentic reproductions of vintage effects like tape echo, rotary speaker, and spring reverb, to name a few.

Strymon El Capistan pedal on a pile of magnetic tape
Strymon Flint pedal on top of an amp

Strymon succeeds with modern innovation by capturing the sound, feel, and all the nuances of the most revered classic analog effects. The El Capistan dTape Echo pedal, as an example, nails the "EP" tape echo-style delay with an incredible amount of detail, such as tape artifacts and even the sound of tape crinkle, with an awe-inspiring analog realness. The Flint Tremolo and Reverb combines mesmerizing '60s-inspired Tremolos and three different decades of Reverb types for a wide palette of tones, from surf sounds to swampy blues to stuttering choppy harmonic trem!

Close-up view of Strymon BigSky pedal
Strymon Iridium pedal with amps in background

Strymon effects fit in perfectly for guitar, bass, keys, and the studio. Add some reverb to your mixes with any one of their dedicated pedals, such as the blueSky for compact, simple, ready to use reverberation, or dial in a whole plethora of presets (300 of them to be exact!) with BigSky's 12 reverb types and near infinite parameter tweakability. Need delay for days? Check out the Timeline, an all-encompassing, multidimensional delay machine that features 12 delay types from classic to modern as well as the ability to pull up hundreds of your own presets on the fly – perfect for stage and studio. Another standout innovation from Strymon is the Iridium Amp Modeler and Impulse Response Cabinet, allowing silent practice at night or direct amp tones straight into a PA without the entire rig (your back will thank you!).

In addition to their pedals, Strymon also makes a line of eurorack modules that bring the same precision-crafted boutique quality, powerful features, and intuitive playability to your modular synthesizer. Their latest, the StarLab Time-Warped Reverberator, delivers lush, ethereal reverbs enhanced by chorus, flanging, and modulated delays, while its Karplus-Strong string synthesis mode turns StarLab into an expressive instrument with a unique voice of its own.