Yamaha Releases New DGX and Clavinova Digital Pianos During NAMM Believe in Music Week

Yamaha Releases New DGX and Clavinova Digital Pianos

DGX-670 • CLP-725 • CLP-775

It is safe to say that Yamaha DGX and Clavinova CLP models are some of the top-selling digital pianos in the world. During NAMM'S Believe in Music Week, Yamaha introduced fresh visions to both lines. Say hello to the new DGX-670, Clavinova CLP-725 and Clavinova CLP-775 digital pianos.

Image of white Yamaha DGX-670
Image of black Yamaha DGX-670

While reimagining the DGX-660, Yamaha retained many of the features that made the model popular, including the 1/4" microphone input for amplifying vocals within the piano. Also returning is the GHS weighted action, offering a key response that is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, emulating the feel of an acoustic piano. Though old favorites remain, this upgraded model offers Yamaha's CFX Stereo Sampling, with their flagship CFX Full Concert Grand sound samples, previously offered only in higher priced models.

This DGX iteration introduces a new technology in Adaptive Style, an ingenious feature that adjusts internal style variations based on your playing. Also notable is the addition of Bluetooth audio, allowing you to connect your music player to listen to or play along with your favorite songs.

Close image of Yamaha CLP-725
Full image of Yamaha CLP-725

A perfect option for players ready to take their expressiveness to the next level, the GrandTouch-S synthetic ebony and ivory key tops featured in Clavinova CLP-725 provide precise, total tonal control. Grand Expression Modeling sharpens your expressive skills with lifelike tonal reproductions of every facet of a real, premium grand piano. Hear and feel everything from hammers striking strings to the most subtle force variations for a more complete playing experience than ever before.

Yamaha's Virtual Resonance Modeling simulates the full depth of sounds created by the overlapping resonance of the strings and body in an acoustic grand piano. This ingenious design captures the astounding intricacies of Yamaha CFX and Bšsendorfer Imperial, putting the sounds of two world-class pianos at your fingertips.

Close image of CLP-775 digital piano
Full image of CLP-775 digital piano

Clavinova CLP-775 immerses you in the feel and sound of legendary pianos. From blistering passages to the gentlest release, its GrandTouch Keyboard offers a remarkable grand piano touch. Each and every one of its 88 linear graded hammer keys is uniquely calibrated to simulate a different weight and return.

These stunning digital pianos offer a powerful 3-way Grand Acoustic Imaging speaker system with individual speakers for the bass, mid, and treble ranges. The speakers are optimally balanced and placed, and additional transducers create a natural sound field akin to the resonance from a grand piano soundboard.