Yamaha Revstar Guitars Get Compelling Revisions for 2022

In 2015, Yamaha launched their first new electric guitar series in over a decade with the Revstar series, breathing new life into their classic guitar legacy. Here in 2022, Kraft Music is proud to welcome the newest lineup of Revstar models, with new finishes and new switching and tonal options, as well as left-handed models. These new Revstar models are divided into three streamlined tiers optimized for a balance of performance, features, and value: Revstar Professional, Revstar Standard, and Revstar Essential.

RSP20 guitars laid side by side
Detail of RSS20 body showing humbucking pickups

All models in the new 2022 Revstar roster feature chambered bodies that were developed with Yamaha's Acoustic Design process to bolster tone, lighten the weight, and balance the instrument better. These chambered bodies provide a more comfortable playing experience as well as increased resonance for singing sustain. Revstar Standard and Professional models also up the ante with carbon-reinforced necks, and the top-of-the-line Professional models feature additional carbon reinforcement to the bodies for further weight relief and tonal enhancement.

Detail of RSP02T body showing P90-style pickups
RSP02T guitars displayed on stage on guitar stands

Revstar Element models provide exceptional performance at entry-level pricing, featuring dual humbucking pickups with the new Dry Switch, a high pass filter that was first introduced in 2015 on the original Revstar series. Moving along to the Standard series, Yamaha offers both humbucking and P90-style single-coil pickups, as well as a new 5-way switching system and Focus Switch, activating a passive boost to create an "overwound pickup" effect. Standard series guitars come with a gig bag, to boot. At the top of the line, the Professional series retains all of the features of the Standard models with the addition of being meticulously crafted in Japan and shipping with hardshell cases. Professional models also receive Yamaha's Initial Response Acceleration treatment, which offers a more "broken in" natural tone.


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