A Kawai CA501 digital piano in a stylish living room

Kawai CA501

The Kawai CA501 provides an introduction to Concert Artist quality, featuring the highly-regarded Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and incorporating the SK-EX Competition Grand piano sound, specially recorded from the player's perspective and reproduced using Harmonic Imaging XL sound technology. Complementing this stunning piano sound, the CA501 incorporates diffuser panels mounted to the top facing speakers that help to expand tonal projection in all directions. In addition to Bluetooth MIDI, the CA501 also includes Bluetooth Audio connectivity, allowing audio from smart devices to be played through the instrument's speakers wirelessly. The CA501 also features control panels with an intuitive button layout to complement the large OLED display, while its attractive cabinet offers several design refinements, such as a taller body, optimized pedal positioning, and music score support pins.

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