Dexibell Vivo S8 and S4 stage pianos with a dark stage in the background

Dexibell Vivo S8 & S4

The Dexibell Vivo S8, S8M, and S4 stage pianos feature the same powerful engine, sound quality, and memory of the flagship Vivo S10 in a lighter, more portable solution. Sporting the industry's most powerful quad-core processor, the S8/S4's Advanced T2L technology is accompanied by a wide selection of high-definition piano and organ sounds. Bluetooth Audio and MIDI allow for wireless programming and management of parameters from an iOS device running the Vivo Editor App or the ability to play along live with smart audio accompaniments in dozens of styles using the XMURE App.

The Vivo S8 is equipped with an 88-key, triple contact hammer action keyboard with ivory feel, while the Vivo S8M features an 88-key, triple contact hammer action keyboard and built-in speakers. The Vivo S4 provides a more compact option with a 73-key version of the same keybed found in the S8M.

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