Nord Electro 6

The Nord Electro 6 is a refined modern classic, combining Nord's award-winning emulations of vintage electromechanical and acoustic instruments in an ultra-portable package. With three independent sound sections (Piano, Organ, and Sample Synth), support for Nord Piano Library (1 GB) and Sample Library (512 MB), and the ability to split and layer all three sections with Seamless Transitions and Split Point Crossfade functionality, Electro 6 is the most powerful and flexible Electro ever.

The Nord Electro 6 is available in three configurations: Electro 6 HP, with 73-note Hammer Action Portable keyboard and LED drawbars; Electro 6D 73, with 73-note semi-weighted waterfall keyboard and 9 physical drawbars; and Electro 6D 6, with 61-note waterfall keyboard and physical drawbars.

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