Moog Grandmother

The Moog Grandmother is inspired by classic Moog modular synthesizers, harkening back to the discovery and experimentation of Moog's modular roots. Grandmother features a completely analog sound engine, modulation engine, and onboard spring reverb tank, along with an easy-to-use arpeggiator and sequencer. While capable of highly complex sounds and modulation via creative patching and exploration, Grandmother's semi-modular design requires no patching to function. Grandmother also makes an ideal analog audio processor for external sound sources and a powerful keyboard front end for another semi-modular synth or eurorack modular system.

Grandmother Dark is a new color variant for Moog Grandmother. Grandmother Dark presents the same great features, sounds, and specs as the original colorful Grandmother, now offered in an all-black color scheme that invokes the timeless look of Moog's classic modular control panels.

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