Kurzweil K2700

The Kurzweil K2700 represents the evolution of Kurzweil's K2 series workstations. At 256 voices, K2700 offers over 5x the polyphony of any previous K2. Its 1500+ factory programs and 700+ multis powered by FlashPlay, V.A.S.T., FM, KB3, and VA engines are accompanied by 3.5 GB of user flash sample memory. In addition to an 88-key, fully-weighted, Italian made action with velocity/pressure sensitive adjustable keys, K2700 features over 60 physical controllers, including an embedded 3-section ribbon, drum pads, and a host of sliders, knobs, buttons, and pedal inputs. Rounding out the feature set are a built-in audio interface, 16-track sequencer, 16-zone MIDI controller functionality, and USB MIDI, Audio, and Host capabilities.

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